About DESA Theatre Impact 200

As you may have heard, we are back in school working full-time to present and create. We hope to have you back in our audience soon!
I’m writing to invite you to participate in a new initiative for our department. As you think of year-end giving, please consider joining the Ellington Theater Department Impact 200. Through this program, we will raise essential funds to help with our basic production needs and educational support critical for our students.

We seek 200 people to donate $200 before the first of the year. If you are willing to give more, of course, we are thankful. Your participation will be memorialized in the theater department and you will be invited to be our guest at at a performance of your choice.

Thank you for the time to reflect on your days on the Ellington stages, remember your favorite student’s times in theater department, or honor a favorite teacher or individual who made a difference in your life. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Johnson ([email protected]).

Thank you for considering to be part of this important initiative for the Theater Department!